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IQF Process Machine For Frozen French Fries Supplier

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:100kg/h
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


This IQF process machine for frozen french fries is designed by GELGOOG Machinery (a supplier with 10 years export experience) for quick freezing, widely used in many industries. The time and temperature can be set according to your needs.

GEGLOOG also complete set of Frozen French Fries Production Line
iqf for french fries
 Main features of IQF freezer for french fries:
1. Excellent IQF products, frozen products without agglomerates, fully comply with export food hygiene standards.
2. The freezing time is short. It adopts air convection and has good effect. The freezing time is only 7 ~ 15 minutes.
3. Equipped with two-speed motors not only expands the scope of use and saves energy.
4. Frozen products are exposed to wind in up, down, front, and left directions, which makes the freezing more perfect, the freezing quality is better, and the efficiency is higher.
5. The imported stainless steel conveyor belt is used to ensure the hygienic standard of processed food.
6. Adopts variable frequency drive system with adjustable speed.

This french fries tunnel freezer machine is widely used in the hotel, bakeries and seafood factory, It is necessary equipment for producing high quality handmade Italian gelato. It can reduce the center temperature of the gelato (or other food) to target temperature in a short time which can inhibit the growth of bacteria and keep the food's original organization structure so as to maintain the fresh taste.The insulation system uses imported materials and is specially designed. It has the characteristics of good heat insulation effect and beautiful appearance.

IQF freezer for french fries
Industrial french fries tunnel freezer:
Applicable for frozen french fries, sweet potatoes, yam, okra, carrot cubes, berries, tofu, beans, corn, broccoli, raisin, green peas, mushrooms beans etc Meat like chicken,beef, shrimp, fish, fish fillets, meatballs etc.

Technical Data

Model Power Dimension Voltage
GGDS100 5KW 5300*2500*2500mm 380V50HZ 3phase
GGDS200 8.2KW 6700*2700*2500mm 380V50HZ 3phase
GGDS300 11.2KW 7900*3300*2500mm 380V50HZ 3phase
GGDS500 20KW 8200*4200*3200mm 380V50HZ 3phase
GGDS1500 50KW 14200*4200*3300mm 380V50HZ 3phase
GGDS2000 72KW 17700*4200*3300mm 380V50HZ 3phase



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