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Crispy Fried Garlic Granules Flakes Processing Machine

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:100-900 kg/h,can be customized.
  • WhatsApp: 008618537181190


Fried garlic processing machine can make fried garlic granules or flakes. Garlic frying machine is designed with automatic filtering, can keep the frying oil clean, make the fried products consistent, and improve product quality. The capacity can be customized.
This garlic processing machine can be work with Garlic Peeling Machine
fried garlic processing machine

The working process of making fried garlic:
Garlic slicing/cutting - washing - air drying - dewatering - frying - deoiling - packaging. The fried garlic slices are golden yellow, without spicy taste, and have the unique fragrance of garlic. It can be used as a condiment or can be made directly various flavors.
Features and performance of garlic frying production line:
  • ※Thermal insulation device effectively reduces equipment energy consumption and increases safety.
  • ※The double-layer mesh belt conveyor system ensures that the whole material is evenly heated and matured.
  • ※The use of heat transfer oil to replace heat to heat, the heat exchange is stable, and the deterioration speed of the frying oil is reduced.
  • ※The automatic temperature control heating system provides heat for product production, and the oil temperature is adjustable from room temperature to 220°C.
  • ※The frequency conversion speed regulation system provides controllable frying speed for product production, and the time is adjustable from 2min to 8min.
  • ※The automatic lifting system facilitates the cleaning and maintenance of the equipment.
Fried garlic processing machine: Automatic oil replenishment system can replenish the frying oil lost during the production process. The preset smoke exhaust pipe interface can discharge the oil smoke in time from the household smoke exhaust system to optimize the working environment. Safety measures such as over-temperature alarm device, lifting limit device, bumper provide you with safety protection.
garlic frying processing line
Features of Fried garlic processing machine
according to different energy sources, fried product characteristics, dehydration rate, etc., the corresponding heating, conveying, control and other structures can be configured to achieve low operating costs and high efficiency. Targeted structural design and automatic filtration can greatly extend the service life of oil products without frequent oil changes and save operating costs. 
The automatic slag scraping system can remove part of the residue at the bottom of the bomber and reduce the impact of the deterioration of the residue on the quality of the fried oil.
garlic flakes frying machine
Fried garlic processing machine can make fried garlic granlues and fried garlic flakes, can also process chips, peanuts, green peas, banana chips, snacks, meatballs, etc. The heating methods can be gas heating and electric heating. The garlic frying machine made by GELGOOG Machinery is with high professionalism, high efficiency, continuous automatic production, energy saving, labor saving, and better product quality and stability.


Technical Data

No. Name Quantity(set)
1 Garlic Fryer 1
2 Oil filter 1
3 Deoiling Machine 1
4 Conveying and Lifting Machine 1
5 Cooling Machine 1
6 Seasoning Machine 1



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