Continuous Chicken Nuggets Frying Machine Price

Material: chicken nuggets,chin chin, kuli kuli,snack, bean, peanut, potato chips

Capacity: 100-500kg/h

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This multi-purpose continuous fryer machine is perfect for frying chicken nuggets, chinchin, kuli kuli, chips, fries, beans, snacks, namkeen, etc.

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Continuous chicken nuggets fryer machine(continuous frying machine), equipment to electricity, coal, heat transfer oil or natural gas for heating energy, the whole machine is made of food machinery materials, widely used for frying potato chips, banana plantain chips, chin chin, kuli kuli, peanuts, cashew nuts, spring rolls, samosa, etc
chicken nuggets frying machine

This chicken nuggets fryer machine has a high degree of automation. There are automatic, manual lifting system. Unique product conveyor system,exclude slag system, heating system, oil circulation system, smoke exhaust system, electronic control system and so on. The use of safe, convenient, health, food processing plants is the ideal equipment.
Automatic chicken nuggets fryer machine is widely used in frying food processing for medium and large fried food processing enterprises. such as fyer meat, fried chicken wings, spring roll, samosa, meat pie, pork skin, potato chips, frech fries, banana chips, green beans,peanuts etc.
automatic frying machine price
GELGOOG frying machine is a kind of smokeless and multifunctional frying equipment. It adopts advanced international water-oil mixture frying technology to ensure quality and taste  of the products, and has solved the disadvantages of traditional frying equipment.

GELGOOG also offer Chicken Nuggets Machine Line
nuggets making machine price

Model Heating type Power Size(MM) Weight
Key size (MM) Oil discharge
GGZLD3500 Electricity delivery:1.5KW
Promotion: 0.75KW
3700*1400*2300 800 200 Mesh belt width 800 800L    
GGZLQ3500 Gas Delivery:1.5KW
Promotion: 0.75KW
3700*1700*2300 1200 200 Mesh belt width 800 1200L 23cube 20W
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GGZLD4000 Electricity Delivery:1.5KW
4200*1400*2300 1000 300 Mesh belt width 800 950L    
GGZLQ4000 Gas delivery:1.5KW
Promotion: 0.75KW
4200*1700*2300 1400 300 Mesh belt width 800 1420L 23cube 20W
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GGZLD5000 Electricity delivery:1.5KW
Promotion: 1.5KW
5200*1400*2300 1200 500 Mesh belt width 800 1230L    
GGZLQ5000 Gas delivery:1.5KW
Promotion: 1.5KW
5200*1700*2300 1600 500 Mesh belt width 800 1850L 34cube 30W
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GGZLD6000 Electricity delivery:1.5KW
Promotion: 1.5KW
6200*1400*2300 1400 800 Mesh belt width 800 1520L    
GGZLQ6000 Gas delivery:2.2KW
6200*1700*2300 1800 800 Mesh belt width 800 2280L 45cube 40W
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GGZLD7000 Electricity delivery:2.2KW
Promotion: 1.5KW
7200*1400*2300 1600 900 Mesh belt width 800 1810L    
GGZLQ7000 Gas delivery:2.2KW
Promotion: 1.5KW
7200*1700*2300 2200 900 Mesh belt width 800 2700L 45cube Two 20W
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