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The Different Of The Pizza Cones And Ice Cream Cones

Pizza and ice cream cones are popular products in restaurants, cones, pizza buffets, pizza delivery, pastry shops, amusement park takeaways, etc. It is a popular product for all ages, and the egg cone machine is the current food. The best-selling hot item in the consumer market. Pizza cones and wafer cones are also slightly different in production.
wafer cones making machine
The different of the pizza cones and wafer cones:
1.The pizza cone is generally thicker, 5 mm, and the wafer cone/cream cone is typically 3 mm thick. In terms of shape, the shape of the pizza tube is generally only two, but the shape of the wafer is more.
2.Machines are generally only slightly different in shape of the mold, but the overall look is very similar.
3.The pizza cone is usually filled with cheese, meat or other pizza stuffing, which is usually baked again. But the wafer is mainly used to fill ice cream.