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Automatic Shrimp Cracker Making Machine On Sale

Shrimp slices, also known as jade slices and potato chips, are made from shrimp powder and starch. They are a kind of fried and puffed food with low price and delicious taste. They are crispy and delicious, rich in nutrients, and have a unique flavor of chewing. Its uniqueness is very popular among consumers, especially some colorful colored shrimp slices are more popular with children.Different colors of shrimp can be processed according to different materials, mainly suitable for small and medium-sized food processing plants.
shrimp cracker making machine
Product introduction of the prawn cracker making machine:
1.The basic principle of the machine:
After mixing the powder, it is extruded into a shrimp stick, then dried or dried, and then cut into a shrimp slice.
2.Equipment features of the machine:
1)  Mature technology, exquisite workmanship, simple operation and convenient maintenance;
2)  Stable performance, powerful function and long service life;
3)  Tthe cutting speed is adjustable, and the thickness of the shrimp is controllable;