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Introduce Of The Automatic Egg Tart Shells Making Machine

This tart shells making machine is suitable for meringue, table top, Portuguese egg tower and other products that need to be printed. It can produce Portuguese egg towers, table eggs, crispy egg tarts and a variety of fancy egg towers. It works by placing the appropriate weight of the dough (usually 20-35 grams) into the mold and then stamping.It is suitable for hotels, restaurants, factories, institutions, and bakeries. It can produce Portuguese egg towers, table-top eggs, crispy tarts, and all kinds of fancy egg towers.
tart shells machine
Equipment features of GELGOOG tart making machine:
1).PLC program control, the annual production capacity is about 1500-1800 pc/h;
2).Using human-machine interface touch panel, easy to operate;
3).Mold replacement is easy, suitable for a variety of styles of production, a wide range of uses;
4).Excellent performance, easy to clean and maintain, is the easiest and most economical to help make money;
5).Can be used with automatic cutting, with the machine automatically into the cup, the rapid formation of the production line operation;
6).Suitable for mass production, saving labor and reducing personnel costs.
automatic tartlet press machine