How to Make Sesame Candy Bar? Automatic Sesame Bar Making Machine

By:Sarah     Date:2017-07-06


Sesame candy bar is a traditional snack popular in many countries. With simple working process, sesame candy bar is with bright body crystal, sweet crisp, taste pure and delicious, nutrient-rich.
Commercially, sesame candy bar is made by a set of machines:

The automatic sesame candy bar making machine is mainly used for seeds cakes, egg crisp, swelled candy rice, frozen swelled candy rice and other forthcoming square food processing.
Main properties and structure features:
1. The line is made by heating mixing reciprocating planish, automatic sliced composition, mix with simple operation, finished product size, heavy gram is consistent.
2. It is  the far infrared ray heat, with barrel wall and stir well, with POTS.
3. It is the automatic control reciprocating motion and pressure average well.
4. Automatic cutting machine, once moldings, product size, heavy gram is consistent.
The total production line is made of 
Automatic Sesame Peeling Machine
Sesame Candy Automatic Roaster
Sugar Cooking Pot
Temperature Control Nonstick Mixer
Automatic Forming Machine
Automatic Packaging Machine

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