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How To Cutting Peanut Brittle?|Peanut Candy Cutting Machine

Automatic cutting machine is mainly used for meters flower sugar, caramel treats, peanut, melon seeds, sugar, eggs, sugar shao crisp, m mertong, qi ma crisp leisure food molding.It has a continuous feeding preloading and multichannel roller rolling automatic molding, product surface smooth, moderate density, uniform thickness, really realizes the automation and intelligent;This machine USES the frequency conversion technology, each action is controlled by PLC to coordinate precision, can be adjusted for different products and processes to velocity and thickness in order to achieve the best effect, molding, products.It is very popular in the market.
peanut candy cutting machine
Adventage of the cutting machine:
1.The processing line consists of machines: sugar boiler, mixer, peanut bar flatting and cutting machine, cooling conveyor, package machine;
2.Frequency control,flatting and cutting for one time;
3.With multiple flat structure,pressed flat,uniform thickness ;
4.Frequency control,flatting and cutting for one time,With multiple level structure, pressed flat, uniform thickness
5.With multiple flat structure,pressed flat,uniform thickness 
6.Automatic cutting ,Time saving, labor saving, economical and convenient.Automatic cutting ,Time saving, labor saving, economical and convenient
7.If you need to change another width size, only change the cutter shaft is ok
8.The mold size can be ordered by the client'requirement.