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How to Clean Rice Noodles Making Machine?

rice noodles making machine
Many users are confused how to clean rice noodles making machine after long-time using? 
Scale may be a familiar name to everyone, it is common chemical material in our daily life, in some places, also called it thermonatrite, for teapot, we use it for long time, incrustation will appear. Radiator also produces incrustation after long period using. After using longer time, radiator cann't produce much heating, or leakage phenomenon, this is usually caused by incrustation. The incrustation is easy to remove, all we know acid can remove alkali, so a little vinegar in teapot can remove incrustation, or add some baking soda can also remove.
Rice noodles in our life are made by rice noodles machine, rice noodles making machine is also afraid of scale, too much scale will lead to slow heating, unstable pressure and temperature, and other problems. or even burn out the tank, so the scale is the first hazard for rice noodles machine, you may see nothing when using rice noodles making machine for one or two year, but if never clean up scale during using period, will cause harm to the machine. Aimed at the phenomenon of scale, our factory equips a sodium ion water purification system, designed to deal with scale and other impurities in water. But we can't rely solely on the sodium ion, because individual water quality is too hard, sodium purification is incomplete. Usually sodium ions can purify 70-80 percent scale.
GELGOOG offer high quanlity automatic rice noodles making machine. 
★Fully automated: from the ignition, down pulp, cooking, cutting, air-cooled, pendulum powder and other processes fully automated. Easy to operate, to achieve one person can produce river powder, enteric powder automation technology.
★Energy efficient: the machine uses multi-storey energy-saving pipeline structure of energy-saving technology. Than the market of rice noodle machine more than 40% energy saving.
★Multi-functional: One machine can be used to produce river powder, enteric powder, pull pulp powder, rice skin, Liangpi, etc., save investment.
★High rate: Available in ordinary rice production, and per kilogram of rice can produce 2.8-3.2 kilograms of rice flour above.
★Beautiful and durable: the use of imported stainless steel and steel production, beautiful structure, in line with national health standards.