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Semi Automatic French Fries Processing Line

french fries line
Picture 1. Potato washing peeling machine: This machine can wash and peel 600 kg potatoes per hour, and this machine is suitable for processing kiwi fruit, onion, carrot, fish, etc..
Picture 2. Potato cutting machine: The thickness of french fries can be adjusted by changing cutting knife. This machine can cut potato into strips, also slices.
Picture 3. French fries blanching machine: Main function of blanching machine is to keep the original color of french fries, making french fries more attractive.
Picture 4. Dewater machine: This machine is to remove excess water from french fries, so that save the time of frying and make the french fries more delicious.
Picture 5. Continuous frying machine: This type frying machine greatly increases the oil's using cycle, saving cost, and the exact oil temperature guarantees the good quality and taste of french fries.
Picture 6. Deoiling machine: This machine is used to reduce oil content of french fries, make them more delicious.
Picture 7. Flavoring machine: Add flavors to french fries, we have octagonal type and rotary drum type for selection.
Picture 8. The finished french fries.
Picture 9. The finished potato chips.
GELGOOG semi-automatic french fries line consists of the above machine, with capacity range from 50kg/h to 200kg/h, which can meet needs of different customers. This set of machine can also customized for making frozen and non-frozen french fries. After frying, the french fries are pre-cooled and quick-thawed, and the quick freezing temperature is controlled below -36 ℃, and the center temperature of the potato products is reduced to below -18 ℃ in 18min.