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Complete Line Processing Equipment For Prawn Cracker

Complete line processing equipment for prawn cracker is composed of mixer, extruder, shaping machine and cutting machine.
It can make shrimp crackers, prawn crackers made from corn starch, shrimp oil, shrimp powder, shrimp sauces and more, which is very proper for snack food factories and restaurants.
prawn cracker equipment
Shrimp/prawn cracker is a delicious snack food, healthy and nice taste, which is popular in many countries, like Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Thailand, the Netherlands, China, Malaysia and Australia, etc. Nowadays, the product is becoming popular in Nigeria, particularly urban centres. The product is available in general stores, drinking bars and in general supermarkets, It is available as fried and unfried crackers may be coloured or transparent and they are stored in low humidity environment or in an airtight container to preserve its crispnessetc.
Raw material: Corn starch, tapioca starch and potato starch, etc.
Size: The size of the finished crackers can be adjusted.
Prawn crackers were formulated by mixing, steaming and refrigeration, sliced into small pieces and then dried in an oven at 40°C. The sliced, dried products were then stored for one month and analyzed in a week interval.
prawn cracker processing line