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Automatic Chin Chin Processing Machine

Automatic Chin Chin Production Line is consisted of Mixer - Water Tank - Homogenizer - Feeder - Compound Rolling Machine - Continuous Rolling - Slitting - Cutting - Granule Conveyor - Fryer - Oil Remove - Finished.
1 Mixer: This is a double shafts, rotating blade mixing machine, with Siemens motor, inverter speed control, PLC programming and HMI interface. The inspection window is designed for sequential mixing monitoring and the mixing gate has a safety lock which will stop mixing when the lid is opened.
2 Water Tank: Overhead motor. Straight mixing blade design. Applicable for normal Chin Chin additive, eg. water, salt, and alkaline water, etc. Sequential mixing. HMI interface and PLC control mixing timing.
chin chin machinechin chin processing
3 Homogenizer is used for sticky Chin Chin additives dissolving and mixing, eg. margarine and sugar, with HMI interface and PLC control mixing timing, jacket tank design applicable for steam heating.
4 Feeder:With sensor detection, this machine automatically feeds the Chin Chin dough into the compound rolling machine.
5 Compound Rolling Machine: Equipped with sensor detection and inverter PID speed control, with surface of beveled-lines and grooves pattern on 1st & 2nd set of rollers good for bulk dough rolling, this machine presses the dough into a sheet as it goes through these rollers.
6 Continuous Rolling Machine: The dough sheet is further rolled and pressed to reach the required thickness to achieve required thickness. The motor can be controlled individually, with sensors in each sections of rolling and inverter PID speed control.
7 Slitting Machine: The dough sheet is being cut into strips.
8 Cutting Machine: The dough strips are being cut into small uniform size.
9 Granule Conveyor: This is a food grade plastic chain conveyor applicable for turning and escalating conveying. It transfers the small Chin Chin dough granule will be transfer to the fryer.
10 Fryer: Oil inlets located at the 3 entrances perfectly control the temperature of the front, middle and end sections to meet the need of various sizes of Chin Chin. Oil filter prolongs oil use life, and dreg discharger removes small particles in oil.
11 De-oiling:This machine is designed with vortex pressurization and air knife blowing to remove extra oil from Chin Chin product so that oil consumption is reduced.
12 Finished:Multi-routes turning conveyor is installed at the end of the production line that conveys the finished product to different packing sections.
GELGOOG can offer the packaging machine as for customer's requirement.
chin chin machinechin chin