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Main Features of Semi-automatic Potato Fries Line

potato fries machine
As a kind of worldwide popular snack, fried potato chips producing is certainly in large demand. 
Semi automatic potato chips processing line includes following equipments:
Potato Washer and Peeler Machine
Potato Cutter
Blanching Machine
Dewater Machine
De-oiling Machine
Flavoring Machine
Vacuum Packing Machine
Main Features of Semi-automatic Potato Fries Line:

☆☆★★Food safety
All materials and components are food grade to ensure food safety. Oil filtration system prolongs cooking oil life time which promotes better product shelf life. 
Oil enters the fryer kettle through strategically places inlets to ensure even temperature across the fryer. Fryer is automatically control to stabilize cooking oil temperature. Cooking time is adjusted by controlling fryer’s conveyor speed.
☆☆★★Engineering excellence 
GELGOOG semi automatic potato chips line are made of high quality components and material to ensure endurance and high performance. Semi automatic potato chips line are designed to work around the clock with minimum downtime. Semi automatic potato chips line are comes in various sizes and configurations to meet different product and capacity requirements.
☆☆★★Easy maintenance
The hood, conveyors and paddles can be lifted to allow easy access for cleaning/maintenance. For complete cleaning solution can be circulated through the entire system