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Video of Peanut Brittle Forming and Cutting Machine

Peanut brittle also called peanut candy, peanut chikki, is a popular snack in many countries, like China, India, Pakistan, Arabic, Greece, the United States, Canada, Nigeria, etc. Good peanut brittle is orange-yellow, transparent and shiny, crisp and sweet, with peanuts flavor. How to make peanut brittle?
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The commercial way to make peanut brittle is: Peanut roasting and peeling → Sugar Cooking → Mixing Syrup With Peanut → Forming and cutting → Cooling and Packaging.
1. Peanut pre-precessing (Roasting and peeling): Using a peanut roasting machine (or baking oven) to bake the raw peanut until medium-well cooked. And then using a peanut peeler to remove the red skin.After that, choose plump-eared and non mildew peanuts.
2. Sugar cooking: Using a sugar pot to make white granulated sugar into syrup. In order to prevent the sugar in the supersaturated solution appears in the grain and affect the quality of the product and keep the product delicious color and transparent form, to be fully dissolved, that is, adding chemical jelly. Keep stirring to avoid over-cooked. When the product temperature reaches 135 ℃, due to water evaporation, sugar solution to form a syrup, the color is yellow, ritual and can pull the filament, that is, adding large oil, the purpose is to make the product crisp and shiny. Stir evenly until the temperature reached 160 ℃..
3. Mixing syrup with peanut: When the syrup is finished, pull the peanuts immediately and stir quicky.Cool the edges while cooling the sugar so that the peanuts and sugar are mixed evenly and the entrained air is removed. And then moved to the crime table to roll open, divided into four equal parts.
4. Forming and cutting: Using peanut brittle forming and cutting machine, try to adjust the speed to make sure the uniform size.
5. Cooling and packaging: During the cooling process, break apart the sugar candy bar if there is adhesion, until the product cool thoroughly, you can package with a packaging machine.
This is Video of Peanut Brittle Forming and Cutting Machine: