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Fresh Noodles Machine GGMT5-260 Sold to Uzbekistan

Customer from Uzbekistan ordered one unit of fresh noodles making machine GGMT5-260 from GELGOOG Company. This models of fresh noodles making machine is with capacity 180kg/h, Width of dough facets is 260mm and the size of main pressing roller is Ø140*260mm. This machine is perfect for commercially making fresh noodles in a small scale.fresh noodles making machine
The automatic noodle machine GGMT5-260 is made up of multi-set roller arrangement, automatic picking and forming, pipelining production, high degree of automation, simple operation, high efficiency, safety and hygiene.
Automatic noodle machine only need to put the dough under the conveyor belt, boot automatically after delivery, kneading, pressure, folding. Reducing the number of machines and people contact, no manual design, eliminating the security risks, reducing the labor intensity of workers.The use of high-strength alloy steel surface drawing, high strength, pressure, durable, not deformed. The use of high-strength steel, the use of high-strength alloy steel surface drawing, high strength, pressure, durable, no deformation, easy to operate, powerful, low noise and high efficiency.
This fresh noodles making machine can produce all kinds of noodles (egg noodles, grains noodles, vegetable nutrition noodles, spinach noodles), hot noodles, and other products. Its products are evenly adjustable thickness, smooth surface, noodles vertical, cooked fast, not paste soup, no sticky, constantly strip, taste good. Replace the cutting knife, you can process the width and width of different noodles.
The main features of fresh noodles making machine:
1. Automatic pick the system, high efficiency, good quality.
2. Automatic transmission, automatic section, automatic on the pole, a molding, saving labor
3. Multiple sets of rolling, roll drawing, feeding uniform, panel neat
4. Reducer, sprocket chain drive, low noise, long service life.
5. Safe operation, clean and sanitary.