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Multi-functional Dry Fruit Cashew Nut Kernel Cutting Machine

This multi-functional dry fruit cutting machine is mainly used to cut different kinds of nuts into slices, like peanut, almond, badam, cashew nut, walnut, ec, made of stainless steel. Dry fruit cutting machine can slice nuts automatically with adjustable slicing thickness. It’s a popular equipment in the food processing industry such as candy, pastry, peanut brittle production, etc.
dry fruit cutting machine
Features of dry fruit cutting machine:
1.Wide applicability for various kinds of nut. One machine, multiple performance.
2.Slicing thickness is easy to adjust, from 0.3-2mm. Special customization is welcomed.
3.High quality food standard stainless steel material, approved by EU certification;
4.Superior cutting blade with a long working life. If no accident occur, the blade could work well in 5-6 years.
5.Full-automatic operation, low noise and low waste of raw material.
cashew nut slicer machine