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The Installation Team of Fruit Vegetable Processing Solution Project Set Off

The installation team of fruit vegetable processing solution project in Saudi Arabia will leave on February 19th. First of all, I wish the smooth delivery of the Saudi project, and the installation team will triumph as soon as possible!
gelgoog food processing solution
As early as November 7, 2022, the customer visited the company and factory in person, watched the test machine of the cleaned vegetables, quick-frozen vegetables, fruit washing, waxing and packaging production lines, and expressed satisfaction with the overall test results. Subsequently, all production line equipment was sent to Saudi Arabia, and the customer has also completed receiving the goods.
gelgoog food processing solution
Receving products is only the first step in delivery. The Saudi project installation team will complete equipment installation, commissioning, and trial production, and conduct all-round technical guidance and training for the technical personnel of the customer company to ensure the stable operation of the production line. We will always adhere to customer-centricity, strengthen solution capabilities, improve delivery quality, and continue to create greater value for customers.
gelgoog fruit vegetable processing solution