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Customer Visiting Arrangements - GELGOOG to Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest country in the southern hemisphere of Asia, one of the founding countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, the largest economy in Southeast Asia and a member of the G20. Foreign trade plays an important role in Indonesia's national economy.
As a provider of food processing solutions, Gelgoog has more than ten years of overseas customer service experience, and has in-depth cooperation with various food companies in Indonesia, including banana chip processing solutions, fruit and vegetable cleaning processing solutions, etc.
Indonesia is one of the major banana producing countries in the world. The banana planting area and output continued to increase, and the industry developed rapidly. At present, Indonesian banana processing products are abundant, and the added value and income of banana products have increased.
gelgoog customer visiting
The trip to Indonesia by the Gelgoog delegation is of positive significance. It can negotiate business with customers face-to-face, making customers feel real and communicating with high efficiency. And it is easier to obtain valuable information and understand the real ideas and needs of customers. You can also investigate the local humanities, understand the local market conditions, and use this to improve own products.
In addition, Indonesia's main specialties are coconut, palm oil, mango, pineapple and other fruits, as well as fish, shrimp and coffee, etc.