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Diagram of an Industrial Continuous Fryer

Industrial continuous fryer is a kind of frying machine mainly for commercial & industrial use, which is perfect for frying chips, french fries, beans, peanut, broad beans, peas, chin chin, chicken nuggets, cakoi, namkeen, puffed food, snacks, etc.
industrial continuous fryer
Frying System includes following Equipments:
(1). Frying System
(2). Heat Exchanger
(3). Oil Tank with Cooling System
(4). Control Panel 
(5). Filter
Industrial Continuous Fryer Machine is using oil, water, animal oil, the proportion of different principles in the course of the operation of the residue in full submersion in the water, animal oil sank into the lower layer of vegetable oil, fundamentally deal with the traditional frying machine residues, animal fat, repeated deep-fried so that frying oil acidification of carbonization and deterioration of the problem of carcinogens, people can rest assured that the food.
The most attractive feature of this method is the fact that the resulting solution would imply that the integral conservation of energy is exactly satis fi ed over any group of control volumes and over the whole computation domain. 
The frying oil temperature is an important parameter in frying because the oil serves as a heating medium in the process
n the frying process, moisture content and oil content distributions are important factors which determine the quality of the product. The moisture content distribution is in fl uenced by the temperature distribution.
The computed final oil content of the crisps at minute 8 is 32% (wet basis), hence oil absorption that takes place during post-frying cooling contributes to nearly 78% of the total oil uptake.