Commercial Fries Frying Machine

By:Sarah     Date:2016-12-03

fries frying machineComercial Fries Frying Machine made by GELGOOG company is mainly for coommercial use. This machine is multi-purpose for processing fries, chips, peanut, pork skin, pastry,etc. According to heating type, the fryer is divided into: electric heating, coal heating, gas heating and other heating methods. This fryer machine ss a smoke-free, multi-functional, oil-water hybrid frying equipment, the equipment used in the international election of the most oil-water mixed frying process, completely changed the traditional frying equipment structure, fundamentally solve the traditional Frying pan of the drawbacks, but at the same time frying a variety of food, not Chuanwei, a multi-purpose machine, the process from the central heating oil layer to control the temperature of the upper and lower oil layer, effectively alleviate the oxidation of frying oil, High, in the frying process automatically filter residue, automatic temperature control, thus extending the life of frying oil.potato fries machine

1, Using the principles of different proportion of oil, water, animal oil in the course of the work of the residue all sank into the water, animal oil sank into the lower vegetable oil, a fundamental solution to the traditional frying machine residues , Animal fats, repeated deep-fried so that frying oil acidification carbonization and deterioration of the problem of carcinogens.
2, Save oil, environmentally friendly. This product solves the problem of traditional frying oil overheating caused by a large number of volatile oil. Oil and water mixing technology so that the oil layer below the water continue to produce a small amount of steam, and penetrate the oil layer to add oil to the frying oil, thus inhibiting the oil is not a lot of evaporation; central heating process can be adjusted according to the needs of the electronic control device up and down the temperature, The degree of oxidation of frying oil, inhibit the production of acid mediator, thus prolonging the use of frying oil cycle and reduce waste, than the traditional frying machine to save more than 50% oil, while reducing air pollution, allowing operators to avoid smoky The pain.
3, The machine is equipped with advanced automatic temperature control device, the oil temperature in the room temperature to 230 degrees between any regulation, according to the fry selected temperature, the automatic control of heating off to keep the temperature, not only reduces energy consumption , But also easy to operate, fast, improve work efficiency, welcomed by users.

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