GELGOOG Company Thanksgiving Party

By:Sarah     Date:2016-11-27

On Nov.26, 2016, Saturday, GELGOOG held party for celebratinig Thanksgiving Day, and the main theme of this party is gratitude. For this party, the first thing need to do is to make a list of what you appreciate in your life, what you appreciate about your partner to you. Besides, our colleagues prepared 20 program, including dance, singing, talent show, games, cooking show, etc
With wonderful music, two hostness appeared. In a loud and clear voice, the opening ceremony began. GELGOOG also offers tasty snack food.
All our colleagues were excited to put on performance, singing, dancing, talk show, Everything Taboo, Huangmei opera, playing games, etc
6 girls from our sales department cook sushi for us. Sushi originated in China, after the introduction of Japan, mainly with seaweed rolled up vinegar rice, fish, vegetables, eggs, crab and other materials and then cut into pieces, taste delicious and can be described as Japan's most outstanding food and cultural signs.They prepared the materilals and cook themselves,bring taste feast for us.
Finally, we selected the first prize, second prize and third prize, and awarded the honorary certificates and prizes.

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