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Industrial Continuous Crisps Fryer

industrial continuous fryerThis is gas type continuous chips fryer machine. This multi-purpose industrial fryer machine is with 304 stainless steel design, the length, width, and production capacity can be produced according to user needs.
Due to different fried foods, this continuous fryer can be divided into single-mesh and double-mesh with two kinds of frying temperature control, according to the different settings of fried products temperature, frying time adjustable according to the requirements of product frying set time;
Mesh conveyor system for the frequency control or stepless speed control, automatic filter system equipment in two ways: oil and water mixing process, pure oil automatic scraping and frying filter technology (automatic cycle filtration technology)
Unique product delivery system, slagging system, oil circulation system, smoke exhaust system, electric control system and so on.
According to customers' requirement, the heating type can be gas, electric, diesel oil or coal.
Using the belt conveyor products frequency or stepless speed regulation.
This industial continuous fryer machine is widely used for frying meat, chicken wings, chicken nuggets, rice crust, aquatic products, french fries, potato chips, banana chips, cassava chips, namkeen, peanut, almond, cashew, meat balls, Chinese doughnut, pellet chips, prawn cracker, etc
fryer machine
This Oil and water mixed frying machine as a new energy-saving fuel-saving machine, is the revolutionary products in frying industry, which is with longer lifespan. Tips of using Continuous frying machine:
1. In strict accordance with the electrical schematic wiring, the shell must be grounded. The main power supply front must be connected to the leakage circuit breaker. Do not contact live electrical components.
2. Add water and oil before start the powder to aviod burning the heating tube.
3. Do not add water during the work process, and do not replace the internal water when the oil temperature is higher than 80 ℃.
4. Oil with too high water content and easy to blister can not be used for this equipment. 
5. Change the water once a day in summer. The heating pipe must be immersed in the medium to work.
6. During the working process, if you put a large amount of water or a large amount of food will produce boiling, the operator must pay attention to, so as not to be overflowing high temperature oil burns. Continuous frying machine
7. When the water level in the furnace is too high must be through the oil pipe to exclude excessive water, to prevent the occurrence of oil spills.
8. Set the temperature below 230 ℃, when the operator to leave, be sure to cut off the power.
9. Equipment need to be maintained at least once a month, and timely clean up the surface of the pollutants of the heating pipe.