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500kg/h Automatic Frozen French Fries Production Line Sold to Jordan

One customer from Jordan ordered a set of automatic frozen french fries production line from GELGOOG Company. Customer owns a medium factory and plans to start business for making frozen french fries.
The working process of GELGOOG Frozen French Fries Produciton Line:
Raw fresh potatoes lifting -- Potato cleaning and peeling -- Picking out unqualified potatoes -- lifting -- Potato French fries cutting -- Washing the surface starch of French fries -- Blanching for protecting French fries color -- Removing the water from French fries -- French fries frying -- De-oiling process -- Flavoring -- Quick freezing -- Packing into bags.
frozen french fries machine
1. Elevator 2. Washing peeling machine 3. Picking line 4. Fries cutting machine
frozen french fries line
5. Rinsing machine 6. Blanching machine 7. Dewatering machine 8. Elevator
french fries processing machine
9. French fries fryer machine 10. Oil filter system 11. Vibrating deoiler 12. Air drying line
french fries manufacturing machine
13. Elevator 14. Flavoring machine

♥ GELGOOG offers both semi-automatic and fully automatic potato chips/french fries processing line for your choice.Fried Frozen French Fries Maker Potato Crisp Production Line Lays Potato Chips Making Machine for Sale
♥ Suitable for processing the vegetable, the cooked wheaten food, the aquatic product,etc.
♥ Adopt all 304 stainless steel.
♥ Mesh belt transmission of heating fryer adopts frequency infinitely adjustable-speed, frying time can be controlled.

frozen french fries production line