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Fried Instant Noodles Making Line

Instant noodles with flavoring powder in a separate packet were launched in response to people's strong demand for better quality and taste, and the product line was highly acclaimed. Spreading first to Asia and then to Americas and Europe, instant noodles have become accepted globally. Especially with the rise of income level in developing countries in the 1990s, the consumption increased rapidly there.
The manufacturing process of instant noodles:
instant noodle manufacturing process

GELGOOG specialize in the production of instant noodles making line, design and provide different productivity equipment, fried type and non-fried instant noodles production line to meet the customer’s requirements.
1. Capacity range from 30000bags/8hours to 200000bags/8hours, can be customized.
2. High degree of automation, frequency control, man-machine interface, PLC control.
3. The noodle steaming machine is with multi-layered and single-layer structure for selection.
4. Closed cooling machine is energy saving, high hardness alloy cast iron rolls and durable in use.
4.Beautiful shape, easy to operate. Meet the health requirements.
5.Oil content in line with national standards: 17-22%.

Capacity Specification
30000bags/8hs 42kw,50*5*5m workshop size,4 workers
40000bags/8hs 52kw,55*5*5m workshop size,4 workers
60000bags/8hs 56kw,63*5*5m workshop size,4 workers
80000bags/8hs 68kw,75*6*5m workshop size,5 workers
120000bags/8hs 83kw,95*6*5.5m workshop size,6workers
160000bags/8hs 106kw,110*7*5.5m workshop size,7 workers
200000bags/8hs 114kw,115*7*5.5m workshop size,8 workers