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Frozen French Fries Full Auto Machine Set

French fries is a traditional fast food of Western countries, its processing has been a hundred years of history. Fries crisp crisp, delicious, nutritious, by the people's favorite. In the European potato frozen products accounted for 17.86% of its frozen food, which is mainly frozen potato chips. Today we will introduce the Frozen french fries automatic machine set.
1, The main equipment components:
Lifting conveyor, washing machine, sorting machine, peeling machine, feeding hopper, belt picking conveyor, pre-cooking machine, cutting machine, length grading machine, picking conveyor belt, blanching machine, vibration filter, dryer, continuous frying machine, vibration oil drain machine, pre-cooling machine, quick-freezing machine, packaging machine.
2, The production standards:
The whole french fries auto machine line of high degree of automation, all made of SUS304 stainless steel, the use of imported cutter and quick-frozen compressors, frying machines and other electrical equipment, according to the main equipment, such as Panasonic, Omron and other imported components to ensure long-term stable operation of the machine.

3. The production process:

french fries full auto machine

4. Video of frozen french fries automatic machine set: