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Industrial French Fries Fryer 1 ton Per Hour

industrial french fries fryer
This industrial french fries fryer machine is a kind of continuous fryer, with high quality 304 stainless steel production processing, and the frying time, frying temperature, oil level is under control.
The main features of industrial french fries fryer machine:
1. Transmission system using mechanical or frequency control, according to the actual needs of the product control processing time, using single or double mesh belt, the product is caught between the mesh belt to avoid floating products. Wrapping products can be used at the entrance of the non-stick network with a pot to prevent product adhesion.
2. The continuous fryer is equipped with automatic filtering function, which can filter out large residue. The oil consumed in the frying process is equivalent to the oil absorbed by the product, thus saving the frying oil.
3. Advanced and efficient smoke box to a greater extent to burn more fully, save a lot of coal, reduce expenses.
4. A unique upgrade and smoke exhaust system.
We can produce the gas fryer according to the customers' requirements, capacity can be customzied.
1. Machine Packaging:
Our machine uses export standard wooden packing for our customers. 
2. Machine Shipping:
We usually ship machines for our cutomers with the following modes:
1). by sea   2). by air    3). by express     4). by train
3.  Delivery time:
We will delivery your machines in 5-10days after received 40% of the whole payment.