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Complete Line of French Fries by Fresh Potatoes

french fries complete lineThis french fries product line is mainly used to produce potato French fries by fresh potato, which also can process frozen potato chips. 
1, The machines are made of Stainless Steel 304. 
2, For finished product, its capacity is 300kg/h.
3, All bearings are stainless steel bearings, electric are made of Chint Brand or Schneider Brand. 
4, For this potato chips product line, it will need about 200 square meters to hold. It required the length of factory plant will not less than 58meters, the width will no less than 3m, and the height is not less than 3m. 
5, This potato chips product line is automatic from feeding to discharge. It will save labor and realize the automatic. 
6, For Blanching Machine of this line, it is automatic to control the temperature, automatic feeding and automatic discharging. 
The belt of this machine also can be designed according to clients requirement. For example, if you want to blanch the vegetables, the conveyor of this machine will be with mesh. If you want to blanch the granule, like beans, the conveyor will be made to plate, thus the granule will no miss. 
Storage Guide for Frozen French Fries:
☞ At - 18°C until date printed on the packaging.
☞ At - 12°C 1 month.
☞ At - 6 °C 1 week.
☞ Once defrosted do not refreeze
Features of Frozen French Fries Complete Line:
♡ Various choices. We supply 100-200kg/h, 300-400kg/h and 500-600kg/h for customers.
♡ Longer service life. Stainless steel to guarantee a longer service life for processing larger quantity of French fries.
♡ High efficiency and energy saving. Excellent quality and Low oil consumption.
♡ Easy operation and multifunctional usage. 
♡ Comparative price and high rate of profitable return.