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Large Food Smoker For Fish and Meat

food smoker
Smoked products are popular whether in China or European countries. As a distinctive traditional food, smoked foos with its unique flavor and good resistance to possession. Smoking as a food processing, it is the use of wood, wood chips, sugar cane skin, brown sugar and other materials generated by incomplete combustion of smoke, so that the absorption of meat products to increase the unique flavor of smoke, improve product quality processing methods. Its purpose is to improve product flavor, promote hair color, sterilization, improve texture, improve resistance to oxidation and resistance to storage. In order to achieve the purpose of high-quality smoked, people developed a wide range of smokers.
Smoke Oven is generally divided into two parts smoke and smoke, smoking room for smoked products, smoke for the manufacture of smoke.
1 Fumigation furnace supply of fruit smoke by way of smoke is divided into combustion, friction, heat decomposition type, mobile heating, liquid smoked and so on.
2 The material of Smoke Oven selection of smoke In order to improve product quality, smoked material usually choose less resin, smoke good, more anti-corrosion material content as a smoke material. So the choice of broad-leaved trees, hard wood, wood chips, sawdust, small wood, etc. (generally do not choose coniferous wood as smoked material, because of its fumes containing tar, harmful substances).
3. This machine can also be based on local practice, selection of rice husk, crushed sugar cane skin and so on. Different smokers have a certain adaptability to smoked material, according to the local smoked material resources to choose the smoke smokers way to reduce the cost of the product has a very important significance.