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Chicken Feet Peeling Machine|Chicken Paw Peeling Line China

chicken feet peeling machine
Usage: This chicken feet peeling processing line is used to process chicken feet, from blanching, peeling, washing, drying to vacuum packing. 
Feature: Automatic processing, high quality and large capacity. 
This chicken feet processing line is used to process chicken feet, peeling yellow skin. By conveyor, feeding chicken paws to blanching pool, this conveyor adopts water proofing design, the speed can be adjusted, long using life, washing simply, convenient operation and maintenance. After blanching in hot water, can make chicken paws easy to peel. Blanching machine use electric to heat, hot water to blanch. After blanching of chicken paws, can directly peel skin by peeling machine. Chicken paws peeling machine is drum type, can use in automatic line. After peeling machine, there is 3m picking line, person can pick up few not peeled well chicken paws. Then conveying to bubble washing machine. After washing, use air to dry and make vacuum packing. Machine is made of stainless steel. High quality and automatic. Before using machine, check machine and electric, ensure machines at right place, and electric connecting well. This line capacity is large, automatic, usually used in big slaughtering factory, which can connect with slaughtering line. 
1.High quality, machines are made of stainless steel. 
2.Automatic working, save labor and time. 
3.Large capacity, it can process about 1.5T chicken paws per hour, save time and cost. 
4.Machine peeling rate is high. Before peeling chicken paws, there is a blanching machine to soak it in hot water, water temperature about 58-62°C which make it easy to peel, increase peeling machine peeling rate. 
5.Easy to operate. It is automatic line, not need person for each machine. Only need person put chicken paws to conveyor, and select not peeled well at picking line, and operating vacuum packing machine. Other machine can work automatically. 
6.Durable and safety.
Beautiful and elegant performance, easy to use.