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Automatic Cup Noodles Production Line

cup noodle production linecup noodle machine
Cup noodles is more convenient than bag packaging instant noodles. The noodles in a small cup or bowl, with seasoning bags and plastic fork, usually in round shape. The weight is range from 85grams to 95grams. GELGOOG manufactures the complete cup noodles production line. According to the desired production capacity, the cup instant noodle plant can produce 60, 80, 100 or 160, 200 thousand bags of instant noodles every shift(8 hours). Adopting advanced technology, the plant is innovative with advanced structure, stable performance, reliable quality and low oil content that provide an ideal choice for the investor in foodstuff industry.
The drum or cup instant noodle line just has a little difference in cutting machine, and moulds are different.  You can clearly see the difference from the following picture. You can also choose bag instant noodle production line, which has many capacity for selection, from 60-200 thousand bags per shift(every 8 hours). 
GELGOOG the complete cup noodles production line is consisted of Brine metrology mixer, Supply metering device, Double speed dough mixer, Disc curing machine, Single continuous rolling machine, Single-layer steamed noodles machine, Cutting and folding machine, Fried dryer, Strong Air cooling device, Shunt conveyor, Electric control cabinet, bowl/cup shape packaging machine.