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Dry Noodles Making Machine Manufacturer

noodles making machine

Henan GELGOOG Machinery is a reliable manufacturer of dry noodles making machine. GELGOOG offer different models of dry noodles making machine.
According to the rollers, the machines can be divided into 5 rollers, 6 rollers, and 7 roller noodles maker.
According to the capacity, the machines can be divided into 150kg/h, 200kg/h, 250kg/h, 300kg/h, etc

Working flow of GELGOOG® Dry noodles making machine:
Mixed flour--dough sheet--noodle forming--cutting--automatic hanging on rod--drying--cutting--packing.
Apply to small noodles processing plants. Reduction gears, chain sprocket transmission,long life. Machine is easy to assemble, clean and maintain. The noodles Making Machinery are highly effective as well as non stop continuous noodles Making process.

Main features and characteristics of Dry Noodle Making Machine:
1) Full steel gear transmission, full bearing, small dimension and compact structure;
2) Automatic conveying in entire process,forming for one time,automatic cutting and hanging on rod and rising. 
3) Modeling space, low noise, easy to operate, easy to understand. 
4) Reducer, chain sprocket transmission, long life and easy maintenance, labor-saving.
5) Combined type rolling, uniform feeding, dough facets tidiness;
6) Sprocket chain transfer,Low noise,Automatic dough cutting and hanging.
7) Surface patch tidiness; Reducer, sprocket chain transfer;