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Peanuts Roasting And Coating Machine Sold to Kenya

Coated peanuts is a popular snack in many countries. It's easy to make flour-coated peanuts even at home: Pour the peanut into hot boiling water for about a minute, strain the peanut and allow to air dry,mix the flour, sugar and nutmeg, add the fresh egg and stir together, add the milk and stir them all together to form a buttery mixture, sprinkle the flour onto the buttered peanut, shake the mixture to get a well coated peanut, and pour the peanuts in the oil and fry for about 3- 5 minutes. For comercially making flour-coated peanuts, you'd better select good machines: Roasting - peeling - flour coating - frying, etc. 
One customer from Kenya ordered a peanuts roasting machine and peanut coating machine from GELGOOG Machinery Co.,Ltd. He plans to make flour-coated peanuts in his factory. The peanut roasting machine is with capacity 100kg/h and peanut coating machine with capacity 50-70kg/h.
drum peanuts roasting machine
Peanut roasting machine: This is drum type peanuts roasting machine, easy to use and maintain. It is multi-purpose for processing various kinds of nuts, seeds and beans. The heating types can be gas and electricity. The capacity ranges from 100kg/h to 1000kg/h.
coated peanut machine
Peanut coating machine: It can be used to coat peanuts, almond, cashew nuts, pills, tablet, etc. There is no centrifugal function, without the specification gravity segregation and the layer division. For each of build-up phenomenon, there is the remarkable weight rate. The mixing rate is high. The machine is the desired one of various mixers at present.