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Production Machine of Mini Cones With Chocolate Filling

Fully automatic mini cone produciton line is mainly used for making mini bite cones with high-yiled. The bite sized cones is with chocolate filing. And the size of mini chocolate-filled cones can be customized according to customer's requirements, such as angle, width, depth, and thickness, etc. GELGOOG can provide the mini cone production line with capacity 4000-5000pcs/h.
mini cone with chocolate filling machine
Production step of making mini cones with chocolate filling: Dough mixer - Batter injection - Cone Baking - Cone Rolling - Cone Conveying - Air blowing - Finished cone - Chocolate melting - Chocolate paste storage - Cone putting - Chocolate filling and freezing - Cone conveying - Finished chocolate cones - Cone weighing - Cone packing - Finished.
mini cone production line for sale
Advantages of GELGOOG mini cone prouction line:
★ High degree of automation: fully automatic operation is adopted from sizing, baking, wrapping forming, demoulding, conveying finished products, and stacking counting
★Energy saving and environmental protection: The equipment parts are installed on a sturdy steel structure, the door body adopts a double-layer panel door, the interior is filled with thermal insulation cotton, the outer plate is made of stainless steel, and air heat insulation convection heat preservation is used, which can reduce the cost of the production site. temperature and achieve energy saving effect;
★Adjustable operating speed: continuous, automatic and rotating operation, the operating speed can be adjusted according to demand;
★Simple operation: The baking equipment adopts an easy-to-control button operating system or a PLC control system can be customized according to requirements for production setting, adjustment and control.