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Customized Cashew Processing Line for Philippine Customers

In a cashew nut processing factory in the Philippines, sereval production lines are running at high speed, and jars of ready-to-eat cashew nuts and cashew nut sauce are neatly transported from a belt conveyor. Cashew nuts are rich in nutritional value. The nuts of cashew nuts can be made into foods of various flavors and they taste good, are nutritious and delicious.
cashew nuts processing plant
After 3 months, the PCC company in the Philippines, under the patient and professional guidance of Jergoug, was officially put into production. Customers rave about GELGOOG's development of customized cashew nuts production line and service.
PCC is located in Palawan Island, which is known as the "Utopia of the Sea" in the Philippines. Palawan Island not only has tourism resources such as Coron Island, the secret place in Asia, the world's ultra-long underground river, Puerto Princesa, and El Nido, the "garden on the sea", but also is the cashew nut producing area of ​​the Philippines. Previously, PCC operated an ice cream processing business locally. Due to the impact of the global new crown epidemic, the original business continued to slump.
cashew nut processing line
Thinking about change and seeking innovation, be good at seeking multi-win. The head of PCC has his sights set on cashews. For the common pursuit of professionalism, quality and reputation, the customer contacted GELGOOG. PCC has a very clear overall plan for opening a new business, especially focusing on the control of the overall project budget and project details. Due to the special power supply in the Philippines, it has become an unshirkable responsibility to assist PCC to find a factory with three-phase power.