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Customized Chili Sauce Processing Solution for MISB Company

For the Malaysian MISB Company, which is newly involved in the food processing business, the official production of the chili sauce processing technology and the key chili sauce production line provided by GELGOOG marks a solid step for the company in the new business field.
Malaysia has a tropical climate, with an annual average temperature between 26°C and 30°C, abundant rainfall and abundant natural resources. With the rapid economic development, it has become an attractive and diversified emerging industrial country in Asia and an emerging market economy in the world. Malaysian food is generally based on rice, pastries, coconut milk, and curry, and they like spicy dishes.
For the rookies in the food processing industry, MISB has determined the chili sauce processing project with the mentality of seeking progress while maintaining stability. Due to the unfamiliarity with equipment and technology, MISB chose GELGOOG, which is famous for its food processing solutions.
chili sauce production line
 "The solution proposed by GELGOOG seems to be incomprehensible. But after I have gone through the market analysis, processing technology, factory plan, and schematic diagram of the production line with detailed parameters, I understand the meaning of 'solution'."
   ——Head of Malaysia MISB Company
For the sake of safe investment, this time MISB has customized the core equipment with larger output - colloid mill from the chili sauce processing solution provided by GELGOOG.
Under the premise of ensuring the quality and efficiency of chili sauce grinding, the colloid mill developed by GELGOOG can also be used for multiple purposes. After the equipment has been put into production in MISB for a period of time, the person in charge of the company is full of praise for its stable performance, remarkable efficiency and excellent quality, and said that the two parties will soon have cooperation in new projects.
Whether it is a new project or a project upgrade, whether it is a partial solution or a turnkey project, GELGOOG provides complete project design and planning, and uses reliable equipment and professional services to better create value for customers.