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Chickpea fried seasoning line sold to CL company in Jamaica

Jamaica is an island country in the Caribbean Sea. Mainly grow sugar cane and bananas, others include cocoa, coffee, and red pepper. In Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, there is a well-known food processing company, CL, which is known for providing iconic snacks and food that meet the tastes of Jamaicans.
Chickpea processing is a new snack item developed by CL Company. Chickpea is named after its shape like a chickpea. It is an important bean crop and ranks among the top three in global consumption. It is mainly distributed on the Mediterranean coast, Africa, America, and other places. The protein content of chickpeas is as high as 22.5%, while the fat content is only 5.5%. It also contains trace elements such as vitamin E, vitamin B, calcium, rich saponins, soybean isoflavones, and other phytochemicals, which are very beneficial to health.
How to retain the nutrition of chickpeas as much as possible and stimulate the demand for various tastes? It is the primary difficulty for CL Company to start the chickpea processing project. Through multiple comparisons, GELGOOG, an expert who is good at solving problems in the field of food processing, has attracted the attention of CL.
After receiving the project invitation from CL, the GELGOOG solution engineer attached great importance to it, planned a number of processing solutions based on the customer's processing needs, and continued to select and determine the solution for the chickpea fried seasoning production line. The chickpeas are fried at low temperature by the frying equipment, and the intelligent constant temperature makes the fried chickpeas golden and even in color, and the taste is crispy and consistent; the deoiling equipment separates excess oil and removes the greasy feeling; the continuous seasoning equipment makes each crispy The chickpeas are wrapped in seasonings of different flavors, which can meet both large-scale processing and diverse, small-scale flexible customization.
Fried Line
In order to reflect the value of the project, GELGOOG arranged trial production in advance, recorded in detail various process parameters such as frying temperature and time, and recorded the taste one by one to provide customers with actual processing basis. For equipment operation and maintenance, a customized version of the manual has been compiled. Scheme design, customized service, and remote guidance ensure that CL can carry out the project smoothly after receiving the equipment.
Customer priority, quality assurance. Once the chickpea fried seasoning production line jointly built by GELGOOG and CL Company of Jamaica was officially put into production, its low consumption characteristics and pursuit of quality have been recognized and trusted. Since then, the two parties have also carried out cooperation on other projects in the field of the food industry.