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Video of Chicken Feet Peeler Machine

This is working video of peeling machine for chicken feet, which can be used for processing chicken and chicken skin off the nails very clean,and chicken will not have any damage,continuous production of high efficiency, this machine are made of high quality 304 stainless steel,the use of frequency control, adjustable speed,is chicken first and abroad peeling equipment.
GELGOOG Chicken Feet Peeling Machine is not only economical, but also efficient, very economical and durable, suitable for the major canteen machine hotels, restaurants and other places. Large savings in manpower and time. The working principle is also very simple, automatic chicken claw peeling machine using friction, grinding off the skin of chicken feet, and very clean, one of the efficiency and quality of the absolute top of the dozen human labor, and the operation is very Simply put the chicken feet into the barrel. All of the equipment is made of stainless steel, with convenient operation, stable performance and long service life, meeting the food hygiene standards.
A low price of chicken feet peeling machine, the bottom of a rotating turntable, the machine turntable and the barrel wall rubber rods, disk drive chicken feet to do rotary motion in 3-4 minutes to clean off.
The chicken feet peeler machine manufactured by GELGOOG is currently the most advanced equipment. The ralated products with the automatic chicken jaw peeling machine: bleaching machine - off chicken paw skin machine - dehydration machine - tumbling machine - vacuum packaging equipment, pipeline form, the company can provide. Feel free to call your machine on a more detailed understanding. GELGOOG offers chicken feet peeling machinery with reasonable prices, which is your good business opportunities.