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Cassava Tapioca Flour Making Equipment

tapioca flour
Tapioca not tapioca starch, is used as a direct food and food ingredients. Most are black Africans eat staple food, cassava starch is the purification of cassava, cassava flour inside the protein and fiber, remove impurities, leaving only the starch material widely used in textile and paper, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and the like.
The total cassava flour processing line is broadly divided into: cleaning, grinding, dehydration, drying, packaging. Each section associated, to complete the entire production process can be automated.
Fresh cassava cleaned to the complex - delivered to a dedicated crusher shattered - pulverized pulp is further dewatered - delivered to the drying equipment - dried material through screening - product packaging.
Scope: potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, arrowroot starch recoveries higher than 4-6%, less than two-thirds of waste water, less water, less waste; flour yield, high stability, generally starch extraction 85% or more for individual investors and the overall investment.
Cassava is one of the world's three major potato, widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions. In the tropical regions of South Asia, it is second only to rice cassava, sweet potato, sugar cane and corn fifth largest crop. It plays an important role in crop distribution, feed production, industrial applications, has become a widely grown mainly starch processing and fodder crops.
Cassava is Euphorbiaceae cassava roots, cassava roots are conical, cylindrical or spindle-shaped, fleshy, rich in starch. Quality cassava flour, edible, or production of alcohol, fructose, glucose, etc. industry. Inclusive of all parts of the cassava cyanogenic glycosides, toxic, fleshy part of the fresh potato shall be subject to blisters, drying and other detoxification processing before consumption. Because fresh potatoes are perishable, generally processed into starch as soon as possible after harvest, dry sheet, dry potato and other grains. There are two main cassava: bitter cassava (specifically for the production of cassava flour) and sweet cassava (method similar edible potatoes). Processed food, one of the major grains for local residents.