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Bubble Fruit And Vegetables Washing Machine|Vegetables Washing Machine

What’s the vegetables washing machine?
Vegetables washing machine widely used in the cleaning of leafy vegetables, edible fungi, fruits, seafood and Chinese herbal medicines and other agricultural and sideline products. It is the advanced equipment in the vegetable processing, food, catering and other industries, and meets the national food export standards; each single machine in the assembly line can be tailored according to the different processing characteristics of the users to meet the process requirements to the greatest extent; the washing machine is cleaned by high pressure bubble water bath. The cleaning ability is large, the washing rate is high, and the material is not damaged. After being screwed to the conveyor belt, the high-pressure water stream is cleaned on the mesh belt and finally transferred to the selection platform for manual sorting.
 The equipment of fruit washing machine has the characteristics of high cleanliness, energy saving and water saving, and stable and reliable equipment under the combined work of air bubbles, surfing, lifting and spraying.Suitable for cleaning raw materials of fruits and vegetables;rinse water is filtered and recycled;Self-contained lifting and convenient connection; Designed according to the characteristics of fruits and vegetables and process requirements;
vegetables washing machine
 Process of bubble fruit washing machine :
(1) Clean the water tank and fill it with water; inject water into the main tank until the overflow overflows.
(2) Start the conveyor belt with the motor to make the belt belt run normally and the direction is correct;
(3) Start the vortex pump and inject air into the water tank to make the water in the tank tumbling;
(4) Open the spray pipe valve so that the water is evenly sprayed on the mesh belt;
(5) Check each operating part and make sure it can work after normal operation.
(6) Depending on the degree of cleaning of the material, it can be cleaned separately before the mesh belt is transported.