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Banana Wafer Making Machine

banana waferBanana wafers and chips are one of the most celebrated in the ready to eat munchies market, relished in almost all the parts of the world. They serve as an appetizer, side dish, or snack. In many countries it is being produced not only on large scale by big firms, but also on cottage and home scale in semi-urban and rural areas. Crispy banana wafers are ideal for snacks and tea parties in people' s daily life.

Though there exists some international as well as national brands but majority of the market base is under the control of local manufacturers. With proper strategy and network, it is possible to penetrate the market. Owing to this, there are a number of companies from both the organized as well as unorganized sector who are already catering to the needs of tea stalls, restaurants, railway stations, tourist places etc. Still there is a huge demand to be met for these products in interior and remote places in different parts of the country. An exclusive machine for producing superior quality potato chips is providing by Jas enterprise. Complete system for the production of potato chips of excellent quality and less fat pickup. These machines are based on technology accepted world-wide; modifications are incorporated to meet local conditions. We provide complete technical support, process know-how.

Features of Banana Wafer Making Machine:
1. The whole banana chips line is made of stainless steel, with long working life.
2. The banana chips line can be used to process banana and plantain into packed fried banana chips.
3. The banana chips plant can also be adjusted to produce potato chips and French fries.
4. Stable running, good performance, simple operation. 
5. This banana chips line is suitable for the small scale banana chips production: 50, 300, 500, 1000 kg/h, can be customized.

Fried banana chips VS sun-dried banana chips
☞ Fried banana chips: Frying machines removes more water of banana chips than sun-dried, high efficiency and output, save labor and time.
☞ Sun-dried banana chips: Sun-dried banana chips use the solar to produce chips, so it is too slow to dry it into chips, which needs more labor force and time than banana chips making machines.