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Introduction of Banana Chips Frying Processing Process

Banana chips are a popular snack that is easy to store and eat. When banana eight is ripe, the pulp is light yellow, hard and brittle, and the sweetness is medium. The puffing degree and rehydration ratio of the product are the best.

According to the needs of customers in different scenarios, GELGOOG has developed a complete set of banana chips production line. The process includes a complete set of production equipment from banana selecting to the final packaging. The modular equipment can be freely combined and combined according to customer needs. The production capacity ranges from 100kg/h to 1000kg/h. There are fully automatic and semi-automatic production options.
banana chips frying line
Banana chips equipment process: Banana slicing - blanching and color protection - dehydration - frying - deoiling - seasoning - packaging
Selection of bananas: The bananas used to make banana chips are free of rot and pests.
Wash, peel and slice: Rinse the bananas in clean water, peel and slice
Banana blanching: To blanch the banana to make it easy to fry and do color protection
Dehydration: The water content of banana chips is 16%-18%
Frying: Full automatic frying can reduce the moisture to 2% and get the crispy chips.
fried banana chips production equipment
Why choose GELGOOG banana chips production line?
★ Provide personalized food frying processing solutions according to the specific needs of users such as output, finished products, workshops, etc.
★ Complete frying processing equipment for banana slices, realizing a full range of production from raw materials to fried finished products.
★ The material of the equipment is 304 stainless steel, with high output and labor saving. 
★ Banana processing equipment is designed with the advantages of low one-time energy consumption, multiple functions, small size, high profit, convenient use and maintenance, etc.