Machine and Equipment Needed in the Production of Banana Chips

By:Sarah     Date:2016-10-24

banana chips machines

The total set of banana chips machinery consists of: 1- Banana chips slicing machine 2- Lifting machine 3- Blanching machine 4- De-watering machine 5- Frying machine 6- Flavoring machine.

GELGOOG banana chips production line is with high processing speed, low-cost investment,labor-saving and high yield,which is suitable for commercial or industrial use.
There are three types of Banana Slicing Machine for the feeding part, no limit of the thickness of raw banana or other kinds of fruits and vegetables, according to customer requirements to install the appropriate feed inlet, the factory also delivery two other types of feed inlet, it can be not only convenient for use but also increased the yield.
The main features of Banana chips frying machine: Oil and water mixed automatically after the stratification, oil in the upper heated fried banana pieces, the water below to accept the sinking of the sludge can be removed in time, not because of ordinary frying machine short time oil floating Black slag black acidification, resulting in waste. The banana chips frying equipment is with both gas and electric heating type, oil temperature, water temperature automatic control. 50% oil saving and 40% gas/electric, stainless steel manufacturing, safety and health.

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