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Fresh Noodles Making Machine|Automatic Commercial Noodles Making Machine

Introduce of the automatic fresh noodles making machine:
1.Automatic Fresh Noodle Making Machine is professional for dough sheet pressing, noodle forming and cutting.
2.Whole process can be finished automatically, highly effective as well as non stop continuous noodles Making process.
3.As to the noodle molding knives, we can customize the forming width of knifes according to customers’ exact demands.
4.The knifes can be changed to get the noodles with different size easily when needed.
5.Working follow: mixed flour —> dough sheet pressing—>noodle forming—>cutting—>automatic hanging on rod—>drying—>cutting—>packing.
fresh noodles making machine
Feature of the fresh noodles making machine:
1.All-steel gear transmission, full bearing, small size and compact structure.
2.Automatic conveying, one-time forming, automatic section and automatic climbing.
3.All the chilled alloy rolls are used, and the rotation speed of the tableting roller can be arbitrarily adjusted with low noise.
4.Easy to operate, long life, economical and practical, easy to maintain.