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Edible Biscuit Wafer Tea Cup Making Machine For Sale

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:300-1500pcs/h
  • WhatsApp: 008618537181190


GELGOOG Machinery offers edible biscuit wafer tea cup making machine. This biscuit cup making machine can be changed molds to make different shapes and sizes coffee cups/tea cups/wafer cones, etc, can also according to the specifications of customer’s capacity design and color shape for its special design and manufacture.
biscuit tea cup making machine

Wafer biscuit cup making machine is a commercial cone making machine,specially designed for making tailored grasping wafer cone. With full stainless steel housing combined with aluminum mold, simple and elegant appearance, with food grade wafer drum mold, the insulating material to prevent mold sticking cone.The development of the company's cone machine designed with humanization and simple operation.
biscuit tea cup making machine
This biscuit tea cup making machine is divided into the upper die and mould halves, when using temperature control knob, temperature by first tone up, wait temperature rise, upper die up, lower die fold, pour material, then will the oars with lower die others in molding, about one or two minutes later, cone shaped, at this time will can pull up, upper die mould halves pulled open, cone will automatically fall into the following slide in and trickles out.

Technical Data

Model Capacity(PCS/H) Power(KW) Voltage(V) Machine Size(MM) Packing Size(MM) Net Weight(KG) Gross Weight(KG)
GGDW10 250-300 5 220 760*600*1050 970*680*1200 200 230
GGDW12 300-350 9 220 800*700*880 940*760*1070 180 200
GGDW24C 600-800 12 220/380 730*800*1370 890*820*1500 350 400
GGDW32C 800-1000 15 220/380 880*880*1380 900*1000*1540 450 510
GGDW40 1200-1400 18 380 1080*890*1465 1120*930*1620 660 720



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