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Commercial Refrigerated Display Cabinets For Food Drinks

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  • Capacity:can be customized
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This commercial refrigerated freezer display cabinet is widely used in stores, supermarkets, hotels, markets and other occasions. It can extend the display cycle of vegetables, food, beverages, cooked food, sweets, cakes, yogurt, meat, susage, frozen food like frozen french fries, corn, peas, dumplings, etc. It can be a display with or without freezing.
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Feature of the Commercial Display Refrigeration:
1. Commercial refrigerated freezer display cabinet is fan cooling, fast cooling, uniform internal temperature;
2 .The commercial refrigerated freezer display cabinet base can be stainless steel or marble;
3. Stainless steel indoor cabinet and food tray;
4. Compressor brand, full copper evaporator and condenser, tempered glass;
5. Commercial refrigerated freezer display cabinet adopt  digital controller,easy to use.
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Technical Data

Model  Extemal Dmension/mm(L*W*H)  temperature Range℃ Effective Volume/dm² Display area /m² Refrigerating power/w
FZ-DH21-HZB  2120x 1035 x1290 Display layer 2~8  192 1.84 641
Refrigerator-5~5 164 0.33 505
FZ-DH23-HZB  2320x1035x1290 Display layer2~8 211 2.03 641
Refrigerator-5~5  200 0.4 505
FZ-DH25-HZB 2520x 1035x 1290 Display layer2-8  230 2.21 729
Refrigerator-5-5  200 0.4 505
FZ-DH27-HZB  2720x 1035x1290 Display layer2~8  249 2.39 805
Refrigerator-5~5  236 0.47 519
FZ-DH29-HZB  2920x1035x1290 Display layer 2~8  268 2.57 805
Refrigerator-5~5  272 0.54 519



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