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Shrimp Prawn Crackers Slice Cutting Machine Factory Price

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:120-150 kg/h,can be customized
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


Prawn Cracker Cutting Machine is an indispensable machine in the production of prawn crackers. This prawn cracker cutting machine is with factory price, made of stainless steel design, power 3.55kw and size L1050*W610*H750mm. GELGOOG offer the complete set of prawn cracker making machine
prawn cracker cutting machine price
Prawn cracker is a fried puffed food, earliest originated in Malaysia, popular in many Southeast Asian countries. Prawn crackers could be made from corn starch, wheat starch. The production process is mixing raw materials, extruding, re-extruding and shaping, and finally cutting into crackers. The size of the finished crackers can be customized.
Before using prawn cracker slicer, first check the bolt looseness of each part, the blade is sharp or not, can produce slices after making sure no problem.  Every time before slicing, put some oil on the blade. The thickness of shrimp slice can be adjusted according to customer demand, fast feeder speed is to cut out thick prawn crackers, while lower feeder speed can cut the prawn crackers into thin ones.
prawn cracker slicing machine


Technical Data

Model Power Size
Cutting Machine 3.55kw 1050*610*750mm



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