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Professional Passion Fruit Juice Extraction Machine|Passion Fruit Pulping Machine

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:1-5tons/h
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


This professional passion fruit juice extracting machine is absorbing foreign advanced technology developed special passion fruit juicer equipment, squeezing out passion fruit juice, while the passion fruit pulp, seeds can be separated to give the individual passion fruit juice, passion fruit Peel and separate seeds, so this is not just a passion fruit juicer machine.but also a passion fruit peeler and passion fruit seeds removing machine.
Structural characteristics and working principle of passion fruit juice extracting machine: It consists of a hopper, crusher, separator tube, sub-seed tube, transmission, chassis and other components. When start working, the material first passes through the crusher, and then into the separator tube to separate skin, juice. pulp and seeds into the seed sub-cylinder, and then the separate the juice pulp and seeds, so as to achieve the purpose of separation of three things in addition to transmission parts.

GELGOOG also offers Multi-purpose Spiral Juice Extractor
juice making machine

Technical Data

Model Power Capacity Dimension
GG-1 2.2kw 1T/H 1900*670*1695mm
GG-5 4.0kw 5T/H 2500*1000*1800mm



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