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Automatic Juice Pasteurizer Machine|Milk Sterilizer Machine Manufacturer

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:50-100kg/time
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


The automatic juice sterilizer machine is mainly composed of a tank, a stirring device, a heating device, a base, a circulating water pump, a circulating water circuit and a refrigeration device. The tank has a stirring device that can evenly heat the milk. The pasteurized fruit juice or milk produced by the bus sterilizer is limited. The active ingredients in fresh milk are preserved to ensure the nutrition of the milk is fresh and original.
juice pasteurizer machine
Main features of Juice Pasteurizer Machine:
1. All parts in contact with the products of the equipment are made of SUS304 / SUS316L stainless steel, the bushing gaskets and seals are made of food-grade rubber, and the product pipe connections are made of sanitary pipe joints, which meet the food safety testing standards required by the national health department;
2. The whole machine of sterilizer is made of high-quality stainless steel. The sterilization time and sterilization temperature are adjustable and equipped with automatic temperature control device. The milk tank is equipped with a thermal insulation device and a temperature compensation device to effectively ensure the balance of the water temperature in the tank. To ensure sanitary pump circulation
3. External ice water and tap water for product cooling can also choose compressor refrigeration;
3. Scope of application of juice milk Sterilizer Machine:
The juice pasteurization machine can completely simulate the production status of industrialized pasteurization machines, integrating heating, sterilization, emulsification and cooling. This equipment can be equipped with small aseptic filling machines, glass bottles and composite bag filling machines as required. It is the ideal equipment for universities, milk bars, and small pasteurized milk manufacturers. It can be used in combination of multiple tanks as required, which is very suitable for small batches and multiple varieties of milk bars and small and medium-sized dairy production units.

Technical Data

Name Model Power(KW) Dimension(MM) Weight(KG) sterilizing time sterilizing temprature
GGJP50 4.5 650x650x1000 55 15seconds(adjustable) 65-95℃(adjustable)
GGJP70 6.5 750x750x1200 70
GGJP100 6.5/9.5(380V) 850x850x1350 85
GGJP150 6.5/9.5(380V) 950x950x1500 100
GGJP300 20(380V) 1100x1200x1800 185



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