Automatic Disposable Surgical Face Masks Manufacturing Machine Price


Capacity: 90-110pc/min

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Fully automatic mask production machine is used for auto forming the face mask slice and add the earloop on the face masks from mask body production to ear band welding, nose line welding to final masks.

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The automatic mask production machine is suitable for the fully automatic production of flat masks. It completes the whole process from the raw materials of the reel to the finished products of the masks. The masks produced are comfortable to wear and have no pressure.
facemask making machine
Feature of the automatic mask production machine:
The mask machine has the characteristics of stable performance, high productivity, low error rate, and easy operation.
1. High stability, low failure rate, beautiful appearance, no rust;
2. Computer PLC programming control, servo drive, high degree of automation;
3. Photoelectric detection of raw materials to avoid errors and reduce waste.
disposable face mask making machine
Model GGCK-PK12
Dimension 6000(L)*5500(W)*1680(H)
Capacity 90-110pc/min
Weight 1600kg
Control PLC
Voltage 220V 50Hz
Power 13kw
automatic mask production machine

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