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Automatic Beef Meat Floss Making Machine

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:150kg/h
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


GGDNC-800 type meat floss product line is a multi-functional floss equipment. can be used for fryer meat floss machine, cooked meat, crushing machine and meat slicing machine. this equipment made of high quality stainless steel, in line with food-grade health and safety.
Floss pan/rotate the wokis driven by the motor to turn,there are fixed scraper to keep the meat turn in the pot. The advantage of the pan to frying pan is uniform heating, the operating workers in the frying will not collide with the scraper, the material fast and convenient.
Main Feature: high-tech products, high production efficiency, the use of all stainless steel design, durable, simple, convenient and safe.
Floss machine processing process: meat cut → pre-cooked → cooling → meat mixer→ fried dry → fried pine, fully automatic operation, a few minutes you can do.

Technical Data

Machine name Model Meat Capacity Power Size Output
Wire drawing machine GG140 150kg/h 380V-0.75kw 560×420×820mm 150kg/h
Rotary frying pan1 GG-1000 35-40kg/2h 380V-1.5kw 980×980×1300mm 16kg/2h
Rotary frying pan2 GG-800 30-35kg/2h 380V-0.55kw 850×800×1200mm 14kg/2h
Rotary frying pan3 GG-600 25-30kg/2h 380V-0.37kw 742×693×1200mm 10kg/2h



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